Snorkeling or “palm hike”, or “PMT” (Fins, snorkel mask) is an easy aquatic activity within everyone’s reach.

For children, snorkeling is available as soon as they can swim and there is no age limit to practice! With a few strokes of the palm, a whole fantastic universe opens up before your eyes.

An activity full of surprises

Additional accessories can help buoyancy and reduce fatigue: vests, buoys…
With snorkeling, no heavy equipment is required: a mask, snorkel and fins or slippers to get started are enough. Shorty or lycra can complete the outfit to protect against friction in the water or sun.
In snorkeling, everyone has fun and enjoys the fauna and flora without risk! No need to go very deep to discover the wonderful aquatic life of Nusa Penida.
Several possibilities with Temple:
– Snorkeling outing called “drifting”: departure with a guide from our boat which follows the group letting itself be carried by the current.
– On foot, from the club’s beach with our guide.

Snorkeling allows you to discover new sensations: buoyancy, motor skills with fins, breathing in the snorkel, which can be the first steps towards scuba diving!

TEMPLE rates for snorkeling

Our prices include equipment, certified guide, boat and meal.

Going out to sea with our certified guide, 2 sites 375 000 IDR
A charge of 125 000 IDF if Manta Point site


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