Temple Dive Center and Kids from Nusa Penida

Temple is the first diving centre to offer swimming lessons to the village’s children. Every week, in small groups and by age, they come to the Temple Pool and enjoy swimming lessons taught in Indonesian by our certified instructors.

A wonderful world is opening up for children.

Thanks to the technical progress of recent years, the equipment and materials are now perfectly adapted to children who can safely discover the activity of scuba diving.
Beyond the leisure activity, scuba diving offers many benefits for children.
For children, who are curious by nature and sometimes much more reckless than adults, scuba diving can very quickly become a simple and fun activity.

The discovery of a new environment in 3 dimensions

The discovery of the seabed, the ecosystem, the life that takes place before our eyes never leaves a child indifferent. It is also one of the best tools for raising awareness of the environment, of these major issues that we face today. Scuba diving has often revealed vocations among the youngest.
On a psychomotor level, the child underwater will have to develop his senses to be in perfect buoyancy, i. e. to float freely between 2 waters. Learning to master your equipment, understanding what the tank, vest…, diving requires special attention that helps the child’s development. The body works but so does the brain.
As in a sport, diving activity helps children develop a sense of responsibility, safety and respect for the rules. With a number one rule of never diving alone, the child develops the values of mutual aid, listening and solidarity.
Underwater, you must move with caution and distance from the fauna and flora. The underwater calm, the discovery of this universe in silence and serenity are particularly beneficial to children.


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