Fun Dives

(Prices are includes all taxes – no charge on credit cards)

Description Price Enquiry
Fun dive x 1 800,000 IDR Enquiry
Fun dive x 2 1,400,000 IDR Enquiry
Fun dive x 5 3,325,000 IDR Enquiry
Fun dive x 6 3,948,000 IDR Enquiry
Fun dive x 10 6,300,000 IDR Enquiry
Charge Manta Point ( Snorkeling ) 125,000 IDR Enquiry
Refresh 400,000 IDR Enquiry
Night dive (min 2 persons) 900,000 IDR Enquiry
Sunrise dive (min 2 persons) 900,000 IDR Enquiry

Introduction to diving

Course Rotary Price Enquiry
Bubble Maker

1hours and 30 min
In pool, maximum depth 2 meters

500,000 IDR Enquiry
Discover Scuba Diving

1 day or 2 half days,
2 dives

2,000,000 IDR Enquiry

To become a diver

Course Rotary Price Enquiry
Scuba Diver

2 days
Theory: 3 chapters (of the 5 chapters Open Water)
Practice: 2 dives (on 4 Open Water dives) in the wild

4,000,000 IDR Enquiry
Padi Open Water Course

3 days
Theory: 5 modules
Practice: 1 transfer to the pool and 4 dives (2 dives at 12 meters and 2 dives at 18 meters)

6,000,000 IDR Enquiry

Go further

Course Rotary Price Enquiry
Adventure Diver

1 half day, 1 dive

900,000 IDR Enquiry
Open Water Advanced PADI

2 days2 deep and orientation dives, 3 specialty dives depending on our availability

5,000,000 IDR (338,00 euros) Enquiry

3 days (+ 1 day EFR)

2,000,000 IDR ( 135,00 euros) EFR - 5,800,00 IDR ( 392 euros) Rescue Enquiry

Minimum 3 weeks

On request from 20 Million IDR (1353,00 euros) Enquiry

To specialize

Course Rotary Price Enquiry
Drift diving

Learning equipment and equipment specific to drift diving, contact maintenance and buoyancy procedures.2 days, 3 dives

3,200,000 IDR Enquiry
Deep diving

Learning the necessary equipment, understanding the physical and physiological impacts of deep diving. Managing safety procedures, controlling of air tank reserves and prevention of nitrogen narcosis.2 days, 3 dives

3,200,000 IDR Enquiry
Underwater photography

Mastering fundamental principles to organize your shots, components of the image and background. Learning practical techniques to make snapshots at the height of what you live under water.

3,200,000 IDR Enquiry

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