Beginner’s dive & Snorkeling

Why come diving with Temple?
Discover our values and commitments, so that your dives are always safe. Alone, with family, with children, in groups, each of our visitors is welcomed so that they feel “at home”.


Snorkeling or “palm hike”, or “PMT” (Fins, snorkel mask) is an easy aquatic activity within everyone’s reach. For children, snorkeling is available as soon as they can swim and there is no age limit to practice! With a few strokes of the palm, a whole fantastic universe opens up before your eyes. An activity full […]

swimming Nusa Penida


Temple Dive Center and Kids from Nusa Penida Temple is the first diving centre to offer swimming lessons to the village’s children. Every week, in small groups and by age, they come to the Temple Pool and enjoy swimming lessons taught in Indonesian by our certified instructors. A wonderful world is opening up for children. […]

Discover scuba diving

I am a beginner

You want to dive but you have a lot of questions? That’s normal. Breathing underwater is not something natural for humans! Here are a few points to reassure you and encourage you to take the plunge, to discover a new world and new sensations. What are the physical requirements ? Being healthy, being able to […]


“Under the sea every glance is as if it were hidden from a forbidden world and causes an emotional shock that I feel, intact, with each of my dives…” Jacques-Yves Cousteau Ask the divers to explain in a few words what they are passionate about scuba diving. Adventure, emotions, another dimension, the beauty of the […]


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