To specialize

To get your specialization

PADI courses include specialized trainings on specific topics. They can be delivered independently of each otherwithout any specific order. Something for every adventurer! 

Drift diving

Drift diving is diving while being carried away by the current. It may seem simple but you have to learn to master the ocean currents to be able to take pleasure in hovering under the surface

Deep diving

To go into deep waters is to discover yet another world of extraordinary sensations. This irresistible attraction of the depths, that divers are familiar with, has something magical and exceptional


Underwater photography

Accessible to all thanks to the simplicity of the equipment, underwater photography allows you to keep the memories of your dives intact and can quickly become a passion if you practice “Macro photography”.
Because your attention will be focused on the very small details that you have not known until now, you will zoom in on tiny fish and organisms such as nudibranchs.
For your information, Indonesia is renowned as having the best spots in the world for macro diving




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