Deep diving

Deep diving

La certification

To go into deep waters is to discover yet another world of extraordinary sensations. This irresistible attraction of the depths, that divers are familiar with, has something magical and exceptional

Have you not dreamed of following a turtle along an underwater cliff or discovering a wreck in deep sea or other living creatures down deep …
During this training, you will dive down to 40 meters.
The Deep-sea diving PADI training involves learning concepts of safety, knowledge and skills you will need to stay safe at sea. 

Les pré requis

Be 15 years oldbe a certified Adventure Diver or any higher certification

Durée et déroulé

Learning the necessary equipment, understanding the physical and physiological impacts of deep diving. Managing safety procedures, controlling of air tank reserves and prevention of nitrogen narcosis.2 days, 3 dives


3,200,000 IDR



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