I am a beginner

You want to dive but you have a lot of questions?

That’s normal. Breathing underwater is not something natural for humans! Here are a few points to reassure you and encourage you to take the plunge, to discover a new world and new sensations.

What are the physical requirements ?

Being healthy, being able to swim. These are the only two conditions to get started.

Is this possible at any age ?

Initiation to the pool is possible from the age of 8 years old. Practice at sea from 10 years old. There is no maximum age limit if you are healthy.

How am I equipped ?

A combination against the cold (even if the water temperature in Nusa Penida varies between 23 and 28 degrees) and friction, fins, a mask. The vest (BCD) inflates and deflates to ensure your buoyancy. The air in the vest comes from the bottle, which of course also sends air into your regulator to breathe. A belt with seals to weigh you down.

How does a first dive work?

The theory 
You complete a medical questionnaire that covers you and Temple. We choose together your equipment, adapted to your size.

Outside the water, using simple diagrams, our instructor (French) explains the basic principles: breathing, buoyancy… This theory lasts about half an hour.

The practice
Then, equipped with your vest, bottle, fins, masks and lead belt, we put into practice in our pool. Empty the air in the vest to get down into the water, control breathing, remove the holder, put it back on, empty your mask…

This step lasts thirty to forty minutes, depending on your comfort level. We are always ready to stay longer if you wish.

At Sea
You make 2 dives in the sea, with a maximum depth of 12 meters. The ideal is to do the theory the day before in the afternoon, to dive the next morning. We leave around 8:00 am and return around 1:00 pm. Between the 2 dives, an hour break (mandatory) allows you to have lunch on the boat in one of the many magical coves of Nusa Penida.

Important: at Temple, you will never have to go to sea if your time in the pool has not convinced you. We will suggest you to practice again in the pool if you wish.

And then after  ?

Baptism is not a certification. It will not allow you to dive again without going through the “theory” box again. You must pass your “diving permit”: the Open Water.

The 3-day Open Water will be your certification to dive anywhere on land. Note: Open Water is possible without prior baptism.



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