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TEMPLE Dive Center, a team of professionals at your service.
At TEMPLE, we pay particular attention to the safety and well-being of our divers.
Safety and quality are at the heart of our concerns.

Temple Dive Center is an Indonesian company founded by a French couple. We are a family of divers living in Indonesia, and wishing to share with as many people as possible the magic of the seabed of Nusa Penida.
The team, recruited according to strict criteria of quality and professionalism, reflects the values of the owners: serious, reliable and attentive to its guests.

1. Teach everyone about scuba diving in an educational way that respects others and our environment;
2. Supervise and teach in a comfortable and secure environment;
3. Anticipate apprehensions in the water, be attentive to anxieties, help unblocking;
4. Popularize the world of scuba diving;
5. Pay particular attention to child divers;
6. Protect, preserve our environment, raise awareness of Indonesian ocean issues;
7. To inspire, make people dream, encourage and congratulate development.

Notice to divers….

Medical prerequisites
One of the requirements for diving is to be in good enough physical condition. Upon your arrival, we will give you a medical questionnaire to complete. This questionnaire is the guarantee for you and Temple to be able to dive with confidence and safety.

The altitude….
… And diving doesn’t mix well! Remember to organize your diving stay accordingly: After 2 dives, you must wait 18 hours before taking a flight. Generally speaking, we return from exploration around 15:00 in the afternoon. Thus, you will not be able to catch a flight until the next morning at 9:00 am. However, we recommend waiting 24 hours for more security.

A qualified team

The owners and creators of Temple Dive Center have recruited and trained their team according to European criteria. Thanks to our experience in rescue, personal and environmental protection, Temple Dive Center is a club where you can be sure to dive with confidence and peace of mind.

“I discovered diving at the age of 16. In the pool, at sea, snorkeling, with a bottle, as soon as I could put my head underwater I would do it! Because diving is a world of essential values, such as respect, listening, mutual aid, openness to the world, it is a pleasure and an honour for me today to transmit this passion with Temple to Nusa Penida. »
James, Temple Director


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