“Under the sea every glance is as if it were hidden from a forbidden world and causes an emotional shock that I feel, intact, with each of my dives…” Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Ask divers to explain in a few words what they are passionate about scuba diving. Adventure, emotions, another dimension, the beauty of the oceans, the discovery of living beings, sharing, silence, simply life.
As no two dives are alike, a diver must always remain vigilant, humble, and attentive to other divers and the ocean. Despite technical developments, scuba diving still has inherent risks. That is why is it vital to choose a reputable dive centre with experiences instructors and guides.

At Temple Dive, we take this responsibility very seriously. We take extra safety and comfort measures, including limiting group ratios to smaller sizes and dividing guests by experience level in order to ensure that they are able to receive any needed attention quickly and effectively.

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    TEMPLE Dive Center, a team of professionals at your service. At TEMPLE, we pay particular attention to the safety and well-being of our divers. Safety and quality are at the heart of our concerns. Temple Dive Center is an Indonesian company founded by a French couple. We are a family of divers living […]

The world of silence

The World of Silence To immerse yourself, to let yourself float, to do nothing more than discover the beauty that surrounds us. Diving is relaxing, putting tensions aside and calming your mind. It’s like a reconnection with oneself, to our origins. Big Blue Generation – “Enzo! Mio palmo! » Between the 1950s and 1990s, entire […]


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